Generation Z has created a favorite niche for itself among social networks, and not just on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. TikTok, the app we used to know as, brings together more than 600 million users where a mostly teenage audience stands out. In addition, TikTok has become the most downloaded application in the world in recent months.

Considering its relevance, the use of TikTok in Social Media strategies may seem as logical as evident, but its commercial use is quite far from other social networks, and is reflected in the almost total absence of brands with profiles on it. So, how can a brand obtain commercial performance through this social network? We show you the keys.


TikTok, the successor to, was born in 2014, and invites users to record themselves dancing, singing, or doing fun things for 15 seconds while a music clip plays. As simple as it is popular, this content base has made it one of the most beloved social networks for teenagers.

Why did the name disappear? Because when it merged with TikTok, the app kept the name of the wider community. has been successful in the West since its inception in 2014, but TikTok appeared in 2016 and became popular in Asian countries.


The rise of influencers gives companies many possibilities in marketing matters. There are so many types that it is possible to choose the influencers whose line of content is most related to each campaign.

Within TikTok you can buy tiktok fans whose followers can reach tens of millions, driving some of them to become real celebrities. One example is American Jacob Sartorius, whose growing popularity has brought him almost 20 million fans, enabling him to start his own music career and go on world tours – at the age of 16!


Since TikTok is a social network where music is the main character, it is important that the influencer has a good clip for the piece. Just like in the usual advertising spots, an appropriate piece of music is essential for a successful and unmistakable campaign.

To do this, the brand can create its own clip (the user can upload its own files) or use the song it deems appropriate. Or even, if you do not want to include music, non-musical sound files can be used: a dialogue, various sounds… The important thing is to achieve the desired effect.


The use of hashtags is essential in a social network like TikTok and offers several advantages. Creating a hashtag, for example, makes a corporate message more powerful on the platform, but there are possibilities such as using an active hashtag to ensure greater visibility of the campaign. In addition, you can also find hashtags whose theme is linked to a single song.

In the hashtags you can find fashions, challenges, dances and all kinds of trends that fluctuate daily. With the appropriate influence, brands can obtain satisfactory results among the adolescent and young public that exists on the platform.


TikTok’s content style allows easy insertion of Product Placement through influencers. Whether active or passive, including the product in a 15 second sequence is feasible and simple. For example, if a shampoo bottle appears in the sequence of an attractive hair user, it will associate the good image of the influencer to the same product.

With influencing, the music clip, the hashtag, and the product, we have everything we need for a campaign in TikTok. For example, do you know the #FoamaChallenge? It’s one of the current fashion hashtags, where, while the song “Soap” by singer Melanie Martinez is playing, the user blows a piece of cotton with soap to create foam. If we continue to be a shampoo brand and choose our ideal influence… We’ll have a campaign!

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