The automotive sector is one of the most pending sectors in terms of technological innovations. In a short space of time such as 10 years, cars have undergone a transformation so high that from driving a current one to one of that time the difference is abysmal.

Apply technology to sell more in the automotive sector

When a new car is introduced, everyone is aware of the new features and technologies that have been incorporated into it. It is a fact that applying technology to sell more is a good option, as it helps to stand out in a market that is highly competitive.

Some innovations in the automobile

  • Start / Stop

This starter system has actually been in operation since the 1970s, when it was created by Toyota for use in Japan.

But the big thrust of this technology has been the recent demand for greater efficiency and reduced fuel consumption in whatever aspect was possible.

  • Fuel cells

There has always been a lot of talk about the need to replace oil throughout the automotive sector and to create new technologies so that the sector continues to attract users while protecting the environment. One of the ways that has always generated more interest was hydrogen. However, there has been a halt in this technology since the appearance of electric hybrids, which are gradually making a niche in the sales of dealers.

However, it is still waiting for hydrogen thanks to Toyota, the brand most committed to this type of fuel technology, and its new Mirai, which offers an impressive 600 kilometers of autonomy. It’s true that there’s still a long way to go before it’s a profitable way to move, but we’re on the right track and we’ll always have the electric.

  • Smart cars

Artificial intelligence is still not fully in place in vehicles beyond, of course, the autonomous vehicles that are being developed and about which so much is being talked about, something that is still a long way off for the ordinary citizen.

However, vehicles are increasingly incorporating more sensors and more communication systems to make the car safer both for people inside and for pedestrians and other vehicles.

There are new ways of integrating the vehicle with our mobile devices, touch screen key rings or collision avoidance sensors. There really is no limit to the possibilities the future offers.

  • Hybrid technology

Today, the greatest exponent of ecological motoring thanks to engines that need less combustion to perform the same movement.

It is a technology that is still thought to be inaccessible because it comes from Formula 1. However, as you have already seen, the brands are managing to adapt the technology to their production lines and gradually more models are coming out with more affordable prices for the average citizen.

All these technologies, and many others, have managed to generate a great evolution in the world of the automobile. However, the experts, and not so much, are waiting to see what artificial intelligence is capable of in the automotive sector, what it can offer.

  • Artificial intelligence and the automobile

By the time you live you can already see cars that can take full control of driving without you having to have your hands on the steering wheel or pedals, even if it’s still under certain circumstances.

Imagine now what can be achieved if we make the car can gradually learn about your habits, driving routines or habits, or they can come to understand much better all that their sensors are seeing and be able to anticipate much better to the dangers that may arise.

The truth is that there are already manufacturers who are investing large sums of money in this technology. Initially the main focus of research will be on autonomous driving and how we human beings behave both inside and outside the car.

It seeks to achieve a technology that can help in driving, with a special focus on older people, an increasingly large group.

The main objectives are always to improve safety by reducing the chances of your car being involved in an accident and also to make driving accessible to everyone, without their physical condition being an impediment.

The automotive sector is in constant evolution, it does not stop researching, looking for new technologies that help people but that are also an incentive so that the market is always moving. All these changes can be controlled through both informing and being informed of everything.